Virtual Drinking Skeptically is a video chat based discussion group that meets at least twice a month. If you're skeptic-friendly and enjoy interesting discussion, geekery, and other silliness, then join us on our next event!


We’re cool, didn’t you know?

First off, I’d like to graciously thank everyone who has contributed to keep the Virtual Drinking Skeptically Adobe Connect account alive. Please be sure to ask me, next time you see me in real life, for your well-deserved swag. 

Second off, I’d like to announce that I’m officially killing the VDS Adobe Connect account and moving to Google+ Hangouts. This was a tough decision, because some of the best events we’ve had were attended by more than the 10 person limit imposed by Google+. But, due to the expense of Adobe, and the continuing poor performance of the software for many people, I just couldn’t justify it any longer.

So the next upcoming event will be a Google+ Hangout, and this is what you’ll need to do in order to join:

  1. Sign up for Google+ - If you already have a gmail account, this is easy, if not, it’s still easy. Just go to and follow the instructions.
  2. Circle VirtualDS on Google+ - The page is here, just add it to any of your circles.
  3. Join the Event - I will post Google+ events for upcoming video chats, and will invite regular attendees, and the world. The upcoming chat event is posted here
  4. Test Google+ Hangouts - One of the great things about Google+ Hangouts is that they are absolutely free, and anyone can make one. So once you’re on Google+, start a hangout! To start, don’t invite anyone, just do one by yourself. This way you can test out your camera and microphone. Keep in mind, you still must use headphones!

IMPORTANT: The maximum number of attendees for a Google+ Hangout is 10, including me, so only the first 9 will get in! Although, if people leave, others can join.

Other than the switch to Google+, everything about VirtualDS will still continue, just the same! See you there!

Happy 3rd Anniversary, VirtualDS!

That’s right! Today is the 3rd anniversary of the very first Virtual Drinking Skeptically video chat! (Remember Tokbox?) Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s attended and all of the special guests over the years!

There isn’t a chat scheduled tonight, but please come back next Friday, October 5th!

So, there’s that video chat thing…

Calling all skeptical space-monkeys! Yes, it’s that time again! Time to get your video chat on! Time to join us for a super-deluxe discussion of all things skeptical, in a virutal face-to-face fashion. Tired of trashing each other on blog comments? Frustrated with those “other” people’s ideas and “opinions”? Join us, from 9pm-12pm ET this Friday, and we’ll have it out, once and for all. Or perhaps we’ll just talk about silly stuff, who knows?

Follow this link to join the chat:

Here’s a new project we’ve been working on called “The Virtual Skeptics”. It’s still quite rough, but I think it has potential. Bob Blaskiewicz, Eve Siebert, Sharon Hill, Tim Farley, and myself will be doing this every Wednesday, at 8pm ET, live on a Google+ hangout. Watch! Ask questions! 

For now, circle me on Google+ to see the notices, or subscribe to my youtube channel. All of the expected promotional locations will be available soon.

Skeptics Talk Live Online!

Tomorrow, August 3rd, 2012, at 9:00pm ET a group of self-described “Skeptics” will be talking to each other online, using a video chat tool called “Adobe Connect”. These  ”Skeptics”, who claim to work tirelessly to not only remove non-evidence based beliefs from their own understanding of the world, but also to help others understand “truth” from the perspective of science, apparently meet at least once a month. They claim to have fun, for at least 3 hours, discussing various topics from UFOs, Bigfoot, Homeopathy, Politics, Movies, Robots, Zombies, and various other “interesting” topics.

Apparently you can join the discussion, via the link below:

Virtual Drinking Skeptically - LIVE!

Can’t make it to The Amazing Meeting? What? You’ve never heard of the biggest and best annual gathering of skeptics in the US? Well, check this out.

Cool huh?

Well, if you can make it to Las Vegas, NV, next week, great! If not, that’s ok, you can get a little taste of TAM, right from your home computer.

Wednesday, July 11, at 9pm PDT, (The night before the actual event starts) TAM will be hosting a live Drinking Skeptically event in the Del Mar Lounge at the Southpoint Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. At the same time, in the same place, I will be hosting a Virtual Drinking Skeptically chat!

As in previous years, I will have a laptop, with webcam and headphones, sitting at the bar. You will be able to join the video chat, wherever you are, and peek at the festivities. I will be on the chat for a bit, but my main job will be to wrangle interesting people from around the bar to come wave hello, and perhaps chat for a bit. (NOTE: In previous years it has been too loud to hear, so the Del Mar guests might only be on text chat, but you will be able to see them).

Previously on VDS-Live: Dr.David Gorski, Massimo Pigliucci, Phil Plait, Sarah Mayhew, Sharon Hill, and many more…

For stability and reliability, we’ll be using Google+ hangouts, so to join the chat make sure you have this in your circles and look for the hangout to start at 9pm PDT on July 11 (July 12 at 12am EDT) - See you there!

Confused about the time? This page has a count-down clock! (Look up)

It’s That Time Again! - Video Chat, Friday, July 6, 9pm EST

Come one, come all, to the greatest live show, starring you! Ok, that was lame, sorry for that. Anyway, like the title says, it’s time for yet another of those things that we call VDS. No, not the kid that ends you a visit to Dr. Cmar, the kind in which we gather together, alone, and talk to the other little postage stamp sized things on our computers.

Yes, tomorrow, Friday, July 6th, at 9pm EST, follow the below link, and if your computer and the frustratingly unreliable Adobe plugin cooperate, you’ll be connected to FUN! Ok, lame again, sorry.

He’s the jump: 


IIG Paranormal $50k Preliminary Challenge - June 10, 4pm PDT

The IIG will undergo a preliminary test by “seeing” into sealed envelopes. The protocol has been designed with months of discussions between the IIG and the claimant. Before the test can begin the claimant must sign off on the protocol and feel capable of success. 

The entire test will be video taped and will appear on the IIG website along with a formal report by the lead investigators at a later date. The webstream is designed for people not in the area to watch the test in real time. There will be chat enabled where you can discuss the test and be able to ask questions of the team as well as the claimant. 

Here’s the link to the ustream:

Here’s the link to the facebook event:


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